KABALI Complete Review & Rating By FiLMiBEE

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Reviewed On July 22, 2016
By: Sagar!

The much awaited movie of Kollywood, KABALI released today all over the world in 12,000 screens!
The shows started at 3AM in some of Chennai and Bangalore theatres & the tickets were sold out like hot cakes.

Now let's move on to the review part...

• Story Synopsis :
Kabali is a gangster movie, in which Rajinikanth plays the role of the character of a don (Kabaleeswaran aka Kabali). Radhika Apte will be seen as his wife named Kumudhavalli, Sai Dhanshika plays a sniper and Riythivika plays a school dropout drug addict.
The story begins with Kabali getting released from a Malaysian jail after being imprisoned for over two decades. The gangster had stood for the equal rights of the oppressed Tamils in Malaysia and waged war against drug and prostitution mafia run by a Chinese don Tony Lee. Now, his first job is to find his missing wife and daughter and eliminate his enemies. WIll he be successful? Watch the film to know it.

• Review :
Remembering RAMYA KRISHNA's dialogue in PADAYAPPA movie "Though he (Rajinikanth) id old, his style always remains same" & RAJINI once again proved it in KABALI.
Though 1st half is bit slow, movie goes interesting. In 2nd half there are many twists which will take u to the corner of the seat! Overall movie is above the average and no loss in watching it once.
There are no words to describe Rajani Sir's episodes in the movie as they are just mind blowing. The screen presence of Rajani Sir is definitely a visual treat. Hats off to him for his amazing dedication. Other than that Radhika Apte have given her 100% for her role. Other supporting roles have given justice to thier respective roles. Negative roles have just nailed the show.
Music & BGMs are one among the highlights. Cinematography & Production Values are extremely good.
Pa Ranjith has done lot of homework for the movie. His way of narration is impressive. This youngstar definitely will have a tremendous future ahead :-)

• Plus points :
* Rajinikanth Sir's acting and his regular stylish mannerism
* Radhika Apte and Dhanshika also did their best.
* Good message
* Fantastic BGM, especially Neruppu Da feels like current passing through the body.

• Negative points :
* 1st half goes slowly
* Lack of comedy
* Many conversations In Malayan language

• FiLMiBEE Rating : 3.5/5

• Vinal Verdict :
Kabali is definitely a treat for Rajani Sir fans & also a one time watch for others. Do watch it at your nearest theatres, this weekend.