Great Grand Masti Review & Rating

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Reviewed On July15, 2016
By: Nithin!

Third instalment of 'Masti' series "Great Grand Masti" failed to impress the audience, critics, celebrities and insiders as the previous two series did.

Let's Move On To The Review Part...

• Story Synopsis:
The story begins with three men all troubled to varying degrees by their inabilities to have a sex with their wives.
Rithiesh who playing role of Amar saxena. His problem is a superstious mother in law who prevents her daughter from conjugal relation with her husband.
Aftab portraying the role of Prem Chawla is troubled by immature sister in law, who interferes when he and his wife is in mood.
On the other hand Vivek playing the role of Meet Mehta whose issue is very unusual. His wife has two twin brothers who follows everything that she goes through.
Frustrated by lack actions in their marital bed the men decide to take vacation at Amar's ancestoral house in a place called Dhoodhwadi.
There they meet a bold hot beauty Urvashi Rautela playing the role of Ragini who is actually a ghost a princess, dies as virgin. She wants to full fill her long suppressed desires. So she attempts to seduce these three mens. The next is all Funny episodes that gives you stomachache, which have to be witnessed at theatres near you.

• Review :
I know, after reading the story you might felt that there is nothing innovative in the story which is true. But it is interesting to see how a hot glamorous lady turns into ghost. Some adult jokes and comedy scences keep the audience engaged and entertained throughout the film.
Vivek, Rithiesh, Aftab undoubtedly delivered good performances and their comedy timing is the highlight of the movie. Urvashi Rautela impresses the viewers with her glamour and skin show.
The  story written by Tushar Hiranandani is not up to the mark. But Madhur Sharma and Akash Kaushik's screen play and dialogues are good. Songs, cinematography & production values are good.

• Positives :
- Vivek, Rithiesh, Aftab
- Urvashi Rautela's Glamour
- Comedy Timings
- Screenplay & Dialogues
- Production Values

• Negatives :
- Story
- Predictable Adult Jokes
- Some Boring Episodes

• FiLMiBEE Rating : 2.5/5

• Final Verdict :
The first two series of 'Masti' received positive reviews from the critics and also from audiences and also did wonders in Box office. But the 3rd installment received mixed reviews & even the movie is not great nor grand as the title suggests. If you love adult comedy films then it's definitely one time watch for you guys out there