Golden Star Ganesh & Sandalwood Queen Radhika Pandith Starrer Zoom Genuine Review & Rating

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Reviewed On July 1, 2016
By: Siddharth!

Latest Kannada Movie Zoom has been released today highlighting Golden Star Ganesh & Radhika Pandith. It is directed by Love Guru fame Prashant Raj. Zoom has got positive response from the audience & they are enjoying the movie because of the amazing dialogues which will give laughter stomachache 

Now let's see how the film worked for me.. Let's go to the review part..

Story Synopsis :
Santhosh and Nayana are both creative directors at their respective advertising agencies who lead a normal life like any other. While Nayana is straight-forward and believes in hard work, Santhosh is just the opposite. He is cut-throat and plays his cards well to achieve his goals. What happens if these two contradicting personalities fall in love with each other and in what manner they deal life together and overcome all the struggles they face in the life.

Review :
The director Prashant Raj has his own way of narrating a story which worked perfectly. The methods Santhosh & Nayana adopt to achieve the goals are effective. There are several double meaning jokes in the film but director has maintained the standard in those. No boring episodes in the film foprom beginning to end. BGM & songs are good. Editing is excellent. Cinematography by Santhosh is amazing. He has made the artists look more beautiful.
Golden Star Ganesh and the Sandalwood Beauty Radhika Pandith looked awesome in the film. The pair performed beautifully on the screen with the roles they adopted to play. Sadhu Kokila will be throughout the movie who will make you laugh whenever he is there on the screen. Kashinath has given complete justice for the role he performed.

Plus Points :
- Ganesh & Radhika
- Sadhu Kokila
- Editing
- Direction
- Cinematography

Minus Points :
I didn't find any such negatives as the movie is a complete 100% full on entertainer.

FiLMiBEE Rating : 3.8/5

• Final Verdict :
Zoom is a perfect package for those love to laugh. You will be satisfied for sure after you come out of the movie. Without any expectations go & watch the movie, you'll love it.