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U-Turn Released Worldwide Receiving electrifying positive responses everywhere in spite of Mahesh Babu's Brahmotsavam. U-Turn stars Shraddha Srinath in the lead role. Other casts are Dileep Raj, Roger Narayan, Radhika Chetan. This movie is produced by Pawan Kumar under his home banner Pawan Kumar Studios Pvt Ltd.

So without wasting time, let's move on to the review part

Story Synopsis:

Rachana, an intern working in The Indian Express. She inscribes an article about some motorists who trespasses the double road flyover by removing the dividers and takes an U-Turn with the help of a layman who is residing there in Bengaluru. When she commences to interrogate with one of those diacritic, that guy dies in a suspicious manner.
Cops paralyze Rachana as the convict. She gets more deeper into this case to spot the real killer, with the help of a genuine cop Nayak. The story intensifies when she reveals that in her diary she has the names of ten people who did illegal U-turns on the flyover and the police find that all of them have died. What is the connection between the flyover and the deaths? How is Rachana involved? Check out at your nearest theatres.


Director Pawan hooks audience to the screen completely in the first half. There are no unwanted episodes or songs in the movie. Pawan's mind blowing screen play & amazing BGM by Poorna Chandra Tejaswi has made the episodes strong. Pawan has maintained the suspense through out the first half. By this, the first half ends with many million dollar questions.

Second half is all about finding answers for million dollar questions we had in the first half. But the suspense starts to reveal back to back which feels little bit clumsy. Compare to first half, the second half is not up to the mark and the climax is a big letdown. Nonetheless, the film is enjoyable for its thrilling moments.

• Performance:

Pawan is always perfect with his cast & crew & he has prooved it again. Shraddha Srinath as Rachana, have done great job with her role and remains in our heart with her spectacular acting. Roger Narayan have fulfilled the requirements of Pawan. Radhika Chetan as Maya arrives only for few minutes but she have stealed the show.

Technical Departments:

There are no words to say about Pawan's direction & screen play as he is the master of those two. Poornachandra Teaswi BGMs is one of the backbone of the movie. DOP by Satya Hegde, Advaitha Gurumurthy and Siddhartha Nuni have done their best to give a horrifying experience.

• Positives:

- Pawan Kumar
- Screen Play
- Star Cast

• Negatives:

- Second Half
- Climax

FiLMiBEE Rating: 4.2/5 Rating

Final Verdict:

Pawan's U-Turn is surely a must watch film. It has elevated KFI to next level. Even out of state people can enjoy the mystery because of good subtitles provided in the movie. Please do enjoy the thriller at your nearest theatres


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