Rajamouli Received National Award For Baahubali

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Updated On May 04
By: Shraman!

Director Rajamouli attended the National Awards presentation ceremony to receive the Best Feature Film honour for Baahubali. Producers Shobu Yarladagadda and Prasad Devineni were joined him in the ceremony. Even Kanche team was present to receive the National Award in Regional Film (Telugu) category. Both the team expressed their happiness in rejoicing the moment together.

Talking to media at the event, he shared that he has no plans making a Hollywood movie even if he is internationally accepted. He also added that he is intrested to tell more of Indian basis stories and talk about the Indian kings. "The stories of Indian history and the country's rich culture inspired me a lot. Back then, I didn't know that I'd be a filmmaker, when I listened to these stories. But yes, they stayed with me for long", he said.
Rajamouli kept silent about his future projects and he said he has only Baahubali 2 to offer, at present.