Sardaar Gabbar Singh Movie Review, Rating & Highlights

by April 08, 2016 0 comments

After the wait of so long years finally Sardaar Gabbar Singh splashed the silver screens entire India & overseas on April 8. The theatres were filled with Audiences at April 8 12:00 AM itself.
The movie is doing well everywhere right now & even receiving expected reviews from Audience & even Critics.

Now coming to the movie reviews, ratings & highlights,

The Movie Run time is 163 mins.

----> Movie + Points :

1) Intro of both Pawan Kalyan & Kajal Aggarwal

2) The love scenes between hero & heroine

3) The beautiful set of Rattanpur.

4) Comedy timings of Gabbar Singh gang.

5) The pre-interval action scenes & action involving Pawan Kalyan and the main Villain.

6) The CLIMAX.

7) Mega Star Cameo Entry

----> Movie -ve Points :

1) The movie lags entertainment in sec half compared to first half.

2) It's completely a pawan kalyan show.

3) In some scenes the screenplay completely lost its track.

4) Many scenes needed corrections as they were abrupt.

----> Movie Ratings :

After watching the movie, audience response & critics verdicts I am giving 3.2/5 ratings

----> Final Verdict :

While surfing surfing in the web somewhere I saw a fan saying that " Who cares about screenplay while we have Pawn Kalyan on screens "
So I think you have understood what may be my final verdict.