Puneeth's Chakravyuha Is A 100% Power Packed Entertainer

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Updated On April 29
By: Shraman!

Chakravyuha, an action-packed Kannada film starring Puneeth Rajkumar & Rachitha Ram In Lead. Kollywood director M Saravanan has made his debut in sandalwood through this movie and the movie is some what feels that it's based on his Tamil film Ivan Veramaathiri. The film is produced by Sunshine Creations.

+ Story Synopsis:
Lohith, who works as engineer in Pvt company (Puneeth Rajkumar), a common man & also strives to achieve something who decides to fight against the powerful law minister. In the other end he falls in love with Anjali (Rachitha Ram) but the villian will kidnap her. Will Lohith fight against the villian & save his girlfriend? Find it our by visiting your nearest theatres.

+ Review:
The director has strived to emerge the flavour of his Tamil movie Ivan Veramaathiri here. His screenplay is really mind blowing. The screenplay is very fast & doesn't feel bored until end. Even the movie has minus points, because of screenplay, dialogues & storyline those minus points can be neglected. The movie is more interesting in second half compare to first. Puneeth Rajkumar has done his best in all aspects, Rachita Ram has not got a bigger role in the movie but given her 100% & one among the highlights of the movie, Arun Vijay has done great job & even his characterization is really fantastic.

* Plus Points:
• Puneeth Rajkumar's Acting, Dance & Sentiments
• Rachitha's Bubbly Characterization
• Arun Vijay's Characterization & His Mind Blowing Acting
• Stunt Sequences Between Hero & Villian
• Story, Screenplay, Cinematography
• Good Message

* Minus Points:
• Predictable Story From Second Half.
• Love Portions Could Have Been Made Better In Some Scenes.
• Editing Could Have Been More Better as Some Scenes Will Feel More Lagging.

+ FiLMiBEE Ratings: 3.55/5 Ratings

+ Final Verdict:
Overall, Puneeth Rajkumar is back by a good movie with important social message. The film runs for 2Hr 3Mins where you won't feel bored anywhere. So I am personally demanding you to watch this good movie & I am sure it will be a treat for you this weekend.