Baaghi Review & Ratings | First Day Box Office Collection

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Updated On April 30
By: Shraman!

"Baaghi"-A Rebel For love, has splashed the screen yesterday.
Baaghi was the most expected film in B-town directed by Sabbir Khan has received descent response from audiences & critics!

Baaghi has collected around 14 Crores in its 1st day box office according to trade analysts.

Now let's move to the review part by FiLMiBEE...

+ Story Synopsis:
Baaghi is the story of Ronny (Tiger Shroff) who is completely reckless and loves living to the edge of his life. He stays with his father who is quite concerned and worried about him after which he is sent to a disciplinary academy in Kerala which is run by his friend. During his journey Ronny happens to meet Sia (Shraddha Kapoor) after which he falls in love with her instantly. Things change when Raghav (Sudheer Babu) who is the star student of academy falls in love with Sia. The rest of the movie is about the battle between Ronny and Raghav which you've experience in the theatres itself.

+ Review:
The first half of the movie has good scenes with brilliant action sequences that will surely entertain the audience. But the director have concentrated much on action episodes which make the film a one time watch. The over dose of action sequences irritate some the audience for sure.
The interesting episodes begins from 2nd half but the major plot has been deviated and it has been completely predictable. Everyone who watched the movie will feel that Baaghi has been completely focussed on Tiger Shroff and also to elevate his performance throughout.

+ Performance:
Tiger Shroff proved his abilities again with more spell bound performance in his second film Baaghi. He has done extremely outstanding action episodes and dance moves which is a treat for the audience. The efforts of Tiger is completely visible on screen. Shraddha Kapoor has been completely glamorous and done justice to the role of Sia. Sudheer Babu is the major surprise of the film and he has come out with an outstanding performance throughout. All the other actors have been decent with their roles. The music and the BGM are the major pillar of the film. The cinematography has been decent and even the editing too!

+ Plus Points:
• Tiger Shroff's complete performance
• Shraddha Kapoor's Glamour
• Sudheer Babu Action Episodes
• Music and BGM

+ Negative Points:
• Predictable Second Half
• Screenplay
• Over action sequences

+ FiLMiBEE Rating: 2.9/5 Rating

Final Verdict:
Baaghi is a completely one time watch movie which mainly highlights on performances of Tiger, Shraddha, Sudheer & other senior actors. So book your tickets now to watch the movie at your nearest theatres.