Pradeep Varma Talks About His Dream Venture 'Urvi' In Exclusive Interview To FiLMiBEE

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• How did Sruthi, Shraddha & Shwetha Pandit's name come to you mind & Were they the natural first choice?

While preparing the script, I had no idea about Sruthi, Shraddha & Shwetha. After preparing the script, had done lot of auditions, filtered many actresses & finally I met Shraddha while she was shooting for U-Turn. She did very hard work for the workshops. She has performed great in the film. Nothing much to say about Sruthi's performance because she is born actress. Talking about Shwetha Pandit, she has done a tremendous job in the film. She is definitely a brilliant actress. I liked the way she prepared & dedicated herself to the role. She has given complete justice to her role.

Instead of saying me & my team prepared them, the script literally had prepared them. After witnessing the preparations they made, we felt, there is no one better than these people. As we had expected, all three have done stupendous job.

Currently, Sruthi & Shraddha are the most happening & talented actors of Sandalwood. According to you, what makes them special ?

Sruthi Hariharan is someone who's self made. From being back drop dancer, today she is one of the top most actress of Sandalwood, definitely because of her performance & dedication. She doesn't compromise herself when it comes to acting. The way she looks into the character, the way she enters into the character & the way she gets out of the character as early as possible is just fabulous. She does all these with lot of ease. 

Undoubtedly, the same goes for Shraddha too. After U-Turn, Urvi is her second project. But, after watching her performance in the film, no one can say that it's her second film. She has performed naturally with lot of ease. Even the dialogues she delivers is so natural that you won't feel it's prefixed. That shows the amount of preparations they both have made before the commencement of shoot.

• The film has both experienced & debutant actors. How did you balance ?

I've selected most of the actors who have theatre back drop. Probably camera may be new for them, but not acting. Experienced actors were giving lot of helpful suggestions to the debutants & which have helped them to perform well. If you watch the film, you'll find it difficult to differentiate between the debutants & experienced actors.

• The teaser, trailer & audio is grabbing audience attention with positive talks. So, is there pressure ?

Of course Yes! It has increased my responsibilities 1000 times more. If people say that the particular product is good, obviously the next product must be the best, is what running in my mind right now. So, we've taken atmost care & it has became double responsibility for us to deliver the next product. Between, we haven't compromised anywhere regarding the quality for which I've to thank my producers for co-operating beautifully.

• As a director, why would you ask people to come & watch Urvi ?

Sometimes the world looks like as though they are all scavengers tied up with a chain by so called Religion, Beliefs & Upbringing (which makes them Human). Once that chain is unleashed, no marks will be available to prove that humans existed. Having said that, In each & every home, at least a single woman/girl will be existing & what problems they face in current scenario have been shown effectively in Urvi. Today, parents who have young girl child will fear to send her to school for various reasons, If a girl doesn't arrive home even after late night, the parents start shivering with all negative thoughts. Like these there are lot many, just because of the amount of fear/pain that the people have created in one's mind set, will obviously make us scare.

We've provided effective answers for all those kind of people, in the film. So, everyone must come & watch Urvi.