FiLMiBEE Exclusive : Rashmika Mandanna's 'Simpallagondh Maathu-Kathe' With Shraman

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One Liners :

• One mantra you live by...

Everything happens for a good reason.

• Qualities that draws you to a man...

His eyes because I believe even if you lie your eyes can never lie. His smile & his caring nature, I think.

• Describe yourself in 3 words...

Instead of describing myself, you describe me in 3 words.

So, I (Shraman) replied, "If I want to describe you in 3 words, I'll go with - Warm-hearted, Grounded & Gracious.

• One professional mistake that you'll never make...

Being Impatient.

• 2 things you would want to change about yourself...

To avoid thinking too much about my future & I care too much is what people say. If so, then that.

• 3 things you wish you had...

Height, All the languages & I wish I was a fighter, ya that's cool... (laughs)

• 3 people you rely on/trust completely...

Obviously, my mom, dad & my sister, if she was older than her. But, in the industry, I think Rakshit & Rishab.

• 3 moments you want to relieve...

1. The moment I won the Fresh Face title
2. The moment I got selected for Kirik Party
3. The moment I shot for Kirik Party

• If you could talk in your sleep, what would you say ?

I would just say, Thank You all for your support & for always being there for me.


• If you could speak to P.M Mr. Narendra Modi, what would you say?

I would say, 'Hatsoff to all the decisions that you're taking for the welfare of our country. But, please make sure that your decisions doesn't affect poor people.'

• Your first celebrity crush ?

Krithi Kharbandha.

• If you could do one robbery in a celebrity house, whose house it would be ?

(Laughs) Definitely, Sudeep Sir's house.

• How many apps do you have in your mobile ?

5 social apps & rest are pre-installed apps.

• What's the most precious thing in your wardrobe ?

A diamond ring, gifted by mom.

• How long does it take you to get ready ?

Almost half an hour...

• FiLMiBEE...?

Can definitely make anyone smile from their hearts!

So, this was my 'Simpallagondh Maathu-Kathe' with the most promising & talented actress, Rashmika Mandanna. Hope you've enjoyed it. Many more to come in future. Keep supporting. Thank you.


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