FiLMiBEE Exclusive : Rashmika Mandanna's 'Simpallagondh Maathu-Kathe' With Shraman

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Image Courtesy : @rashmikamandannafans

• What's the big thing you are planning to buy now ?

Right now, I'm not interested to buy anything, but just I want to earn people's love & trust. My only priority now is the film & audience first.


In this space, I would like to share with all that I'll strive hard & give my best for the roles I play in my upcoming flicks. But, if any of my upcoming roles doesn't meet your expectations or disappoint you, hereby I would like to ask SORRY in advance.

• Any wishlist of films or roles ?

Not really. The idea is to strive & make every film special as possible.

• Any characters/performances of other actors that you'd have wanted to do yourself ?

I don't think of it like that. Any actor who has done justice to a role, pulled it off well makes the film belong to her. Having said that, after watching Operation Alamelamma's second teaser, I'm in love with Shraddha's character. Also, the film I've seen lately, Alia Bhat's character in Dear Zindagi have had a huge impact on me.

• What do you do in free time ? Do you get enough time for yourself ?

There can be no time for yourself unless you create it. I'm not a party person. I just like sleeping, catching up with friends, hanging out at home & interacting with my people on social medias.

• Who is your biggest critic ?


Of course, my mom & dad. At present scenario, even Rakshit is my biggest critic.

• Are you a foodie ? Cuisines that interest you ?

I am no that great of a food person but, I like anything & everything that's eatable. Especially, I'm fond of sweets very much.

• How are you with money ? Spender or Saver ?

I'm not that much of a spendthrift person & always mange my money nicely. I just buy what is necessary and I don't prefer too expensive stuffs.

• Where would you like to see yourself after 10 years ?

To have people saying that, she can spread love and smile to everywhere in this world. Does that make sense? (Laughs)
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